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FanPost Friday: Most disappointing Mariners season

Let’s reminiscence and wallow

Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners
this is the correct answer, obviously, but please do sound off
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

I’m in a bad headspace, frankly. I don’t want to be, but I am. It’s Friday, it’s sunny and actually warm in Seattle, but 2+ months of working at home during a pandemic with my 3-year-old daughter with us almost every day has taken its toll on my mental health. Not to mention....(gestures at everything else happening in the country). I know many LLers are in similar situations. And I don’t even have it that bad! I still have a job, still have a home, and thank goodness for my wife and for how hard she works at both her full time management job AND being a parent. If it were just me on my own, well, I wouldn’t be typing on this here blog right now, probably. Still! Lots of people’s mental health is in the shitter right now and we don’t even have MLB baseball to distract ourselves, so my heart goes out to everyone struggling right now.

ANYWAYS, let’s wallow in some misery. I wish there were happier baseball things to talk about right now. I really do. Baseball should bring us joy. That’s literally why we watch it. It’s fun. But, being a Mariners fan is not always joyful or fun. It’s never been boring, but if winning playoff games or championships is how you define fun, the Mariners have fallen short for nearly their entire existence.

Prompt: What is the most disappointing Mariners season?

Disappointment requires high expectations. So, the 2011 Mariners, yeah, they were bad, but hardly a disappointment. 2010? Now we’re fucking talking. The 1997 team losing in the first round of the playoffs? Oh yeah. 2018? (eyes twitch involuntarily).

Sound off in the comments, go off on a rant, and tell us all about why a particular team is the most disappointing. Get it all off your chest and then let’s hope for a better week next week.

H/T to Over the Monster for the inspiration for the prompt!