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Lookout Landing Podcast 115: Bucky Jacobsen joins the show

The ex-Mariner talks to us about his path to the big leagues, his love for Ichiro, and...eating grass?

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Mariners v A’s

0:00-28:10: Mourning a Memorial Day without baseball before welcoming Mariner legend Bucky Jacobsen to the show! Bucky breaks down the origins of his name and how he went from the smallest kid in his school to a hulking MLB slugger. Which earthly process does Bucky’s career most resemble, and how did it come out of eastern Oregon? He also shares a story about his athletic career in the aquatic world.

28:15-44:55: Let’s dig in to Bucky’s career, starting with the day he got called up in 2004. You might not remember which beloved Mariner got released to make room for big #33. You definitely don’t remember what happened in his first game, which was a disaster for the Mariners but memorable for Bucky, especially because of a pregame ritual that ticked off the second baseman.

45:00-54:55: What changes has Bucky noticed in baseball culture today compared to when he played? Which future Hall of Famer did Bucky describe as having a “dump truck ass” when they crossed paths in Venezuelan winter ball? This leads to some talk about the Mariners’ current crop of prospects and how they might progress.

55:00-1:20:00: Time for trivia! We ask Bucky if he knows the only Mariner to hit more home runs than him in less than 180 plate appearances. Then we see if he can name every pitcher he homered against. Finally, we end with an Ichiro story.

Music: “What’s Golden” by Jurassic 5 // “Knuck If You Buck” by Crime Mob

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