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Sporcle Friday: Mariners with the most sacrifice bunts

there is no act more noble than turning a piece of lumber parallel to the ground and using it to push a ball 40 feet into the dirt

Mariners v Yankees X Wilson

Bunting is really stupid. Outs are the most valuable resource in baseball, and giving one away to move a runner up one base doesn’t make a ton of sense, especially given the fact that dudes mess up the bunt all the time.

Do not tell that to anyone from past generations though, or else, or else, they’ll...make you swing away? Which is better and objectively cooler anyway? You’ve really twisted my arm there, skip.

The leader on this list laid down a truly absurd amount of sacrifice bunts, and one of the men with 20 did that in just two seasons. For comparison’s sake, let’s take Andrelton Simmons, a player who would have been a prototypical bunter in the 80s or 90s, and compare his career numbers. Despite being a relatively speedy middle infielder with great hand-eye coordination (that draft you just felt is Lou Piniella trying to give him the bunt sign), Simmons has completed a sac bunt just 10 times since debuting in 2012.

These are the 23 guys who put their employer, city, families, and teammates first by essentially punting their at-bats the most often.