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FanPost Friday: The Mariners’ plans versus 2020

A meme tailor-made for Mariners fans

MLB: Texas Rangers at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Sometime last week, a “My Plans versus 2020” meme started making the rounds on Twitter and went from “Wow, this is good” to “Wow, okay I fucking get it, guys” in less than 24 hours. When the meme reached the Mariners Twitter realm, people really leaned into the misery of the last 43 years of Seattle Mariners. Things are rough, we gotta have our outlets, so I get it. But, god damn, some folks went HARD on this one.

Let’s get into it.

LL staff writer and resident historian came out swinging with a direct punch to the gut to anyone who ever had hope for the late 90s Mariners:

In case you’ve forgotten, Dylan Moore once threw home to no one. I feel obligated to mention that Moore also made a really amazing catch in Félix Hernández’s last start in Seattle. Gotta hear both sides:

On a similar vibe:

Former LL staffer and erstwhile official Mariners Twitter account runner took it back to a particular 2014 low-light:


It’s been all too easy the last couple months for me to forget Mike Trout plays in the same division as the Mariners, so thank you, Fabian.

Former LL staffer and current FanGraphs boss reached back for something extra hurtful to all parties involved:

(knocks over recycling bin full of Ben & Jerry’s pint containers) All too true, Dan:

Okay, this one might be my favorite because it’s fun to think about a world where the Mariners were the bad guys every team was scared of:

Welp, that about does it. Please share in the comments any good ones I missed. Have a chill and safe Memorial Day Weekend, LLers!