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Sporcle Friday: Mariners with three or more home runs in a game

Mike Cameron hit the same amount of home runs on May 2, 2002 as Chone Figgins did in his entire Mariner career

Mike Cameron believes he was traded for Hall of Famer in Paul Konerko Charles Cherney/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Last week, we explored the guys from Seattle’s baseball history who struggled mightily to hit home runs. This week, we reverse course, focusing instead on the ones who were able to hit a bunch of home runs in the same game.

There are 13 instances in Mariner history of a player knocking three or more balls over the fence. One of them even did it four times in five innings, with two of them coming in a ten-run avalanche in the first. The first Mariner to ever crush three homers in one game did it in the second leg of a doubleheader. Two of these fellas had three homers and three RBI, because sometimes you have to do things on your own. Two of the guys who accomplished this feat in the ‘80s did so in a loss, with the guy from 1987 driving in seven runs only to lose 11-8.

The Mariners have had two dry spells without three-homer affairs. The first, from September 1987 to April 1996, was broken up by an extremely unlikely candidate, who kicked off a trio of three-dinger nights in the same season. The second, from September 2010 to August 2019, was finally ended by a fatherly figure who had simply seen enough. You can probably guess all of the people on this list from the ‘90s and beyond by just typing the usual suspects’ name, but the early birds are of a different feather.