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Lookout Landing Podcast 114: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Gabey Lucas

Shout out to the idyllic utopia of Maltby, Washington

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Jamie Moyer #50

0:00-12:25: Gabey Lucas, a writer and editor for UW Dawg Pound and local comedian, joins the show to chat about the Mariners and all that surrounds this team. What has she been watching to fill the sports void? Korean baseball? Cornhole? Who’s been the biggest winner of quarantine? After exchanging pleasantries, Matthew and Gabey talk about SB Nation’s Dorktown documentary about the Mariners.

12:30-29:55: What are some of the similarities between the Mariners and UW football, or Seattle sports at large? It certainly doesn’t seem like a coincidence that a lot of the city’s sports history mirrors its dreary sensibility. As Mariner fans, the losing obviously hovers over a lot of our collective experience, but how often do you really think about the sustained failure? We also wonder how much sucking creates apathy in the players, as well as how Seattle’s personality as a city could be a turnoff for southern players.

30:00-45:35: Some Braden Bishop UW x Mariners crossover content! When will the Mariners have their next local kid make it with the big club? Why do we expect athletes to care about their job, and their employer, more than common folk?

45:40-1:08:00: How did Gabey get mixed up with the Mariners anyway? Which player’s name did Gabey utter as one of her first words? Who is her guy that wasn’t actually good at baseball? We end with a much-deserved appreciation of the changeup as a concept.

Music: “Solitude is Bliss” by Tame Impala // “Heart of Glass” by Blondie

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