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Mariners Moose Tracks, 5/2/20: Ariel Miranda, MLB Umpires, and Emmanuel Clase

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Baseball is actually happening in parts of the world!

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CTBC Brothers v Rakuten Monkeys - CPBL
This picture is from literally yesterday, how exciting
Photo by Gene Wang/Getty Images

Good morning folks! While you get your weekend started, we’ve got you covered with some links.

In Mariners news...

Around the league...

  • The guy just couldn’t catch a break.
  • The Athletic Staff tries to pick out nicknames they think are appropriate for various MLB players. ($)
  • Yesterday, we mentioned there may be a pending labor dispute between these two parties. Well, it was ironed out fairly quickly.
  • COVID-19 continues to affect baseball in devastating ways. May they rest in peace.
  • It appears that baseball is still testing players during this time.
  • Not every summer ball league has canned their season, although the New England Collegiate Baseball League did call it quits yesterday.

Anders’ picks...

  • In basketball news...
  • Terrible news for sports fans in Seattle.