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They Might Be Mariners, Ep. 10: Reviewing Seattle’s draft history - 2016-2019

Tackling the feats and faults of Jerry Dipoto’s front office’s drafts thus far.

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

With the grisliest work behind us, John, Kate, and Joe look into the cheerier tidings of more recent drafts, hoping to get a sense of what’s gone wrong and right, and what we might expect from the Mariners in the 2020 Draft. We talk extensively about pitching development, and how Seattle’s knack for it in recent years has been encouraging. Conversely, we address the way Seattle’s drafts in recent years have directly led to the dearth of middle infield depth in the system, and how their preference for college talent in the top of the draft has become conspicuous. Kate claims the 2018 draft class is shaping up to be the defining one of Dipoto’s tenure. We talk about 3B/2B Joe Rizzo, who has a magnifying glass on him for many of the reasons listed above.

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Music: “Ken II” by Midnight Survivor / “CHANCES” by KAYTRANADA

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