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FanPost Friday: LLers know lots of MLB players!

Y’all are connected, dang!

MLB: Oakland Athletics at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and happy Friday (yes, I checked, it’s Friday). Because of the bounty of fun responses I received to last week’s prompt, I wanted to share some of my favorites this week. Turns out many LLers are 2 degrees or less away from lots of MLB players, and some of these anecdotes are pretty interesting!

So, take a break from the nearly 50 minute long 5th episode of DORKTOWN (which is incredibly good and brings into the era in which LL has been around for) and take a look at these fun stories.

Hendu Division

Poster iwasaRadio gets top billing for actually writing a FanPost about his interaction with the late Dave Henderson.

Hendu was an awesome person with a personality that could power a stadium. And actually I had a similar interaction with him at a charity baseball game in Bellevue in 2011 (the man loved to give back to the less fortunate, this is fact). He was having a great time joyfully roasting the hell out of every player from the comfort of the dugout. It’s a very cherished memory of mine. We miss you, Dave.

Sports Contributor Archive 2018

A Shot Fired at Ichiro’s Food Tastes Division

No one is perfect, okay?

Chillin’ Hard with Rickey Henderson Division

I mean, what could be better? Just casually hanging out with your Hall of Famer landlord, no big deal.

The We Need More Details Division

Okay, yeah we’re gonna need that FanPost, Trident True.

Bonus Eric Byrnes content, shield your eyes!

Okay, that about wraps it up. Check out the comments from last week for lots more ballplayer connections. Thanks a ton to everyone for sharing your stories!