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Sporcle Friday: Most Games Played in Mariner History (Position Players)

availability is the best ability


America loves a working class hero. We go crazy for the people who simply show up to work every day and do their job. While baseball players are in a different tax galaxy then regular working folk, there is still some romanticism in showing up to the ballpark and suiting up for nine innings, day in and day out. When your employer is the Seattle Mariners, a business with an impressive track record of ineptitude, sticking around for several years is even more noble.

These are the top 25 Mariner position players in games played. Only 10 ever played in a postseason game for Seattle. Because this stuff always interests me, the next five guys on the list would be Phil Bradley, Nelson Cruz, Rich Amaral, Yuniesky Betancourt, and Henry Cotto.