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Lookout Landing Podcast 109: Answering Your Quarantine Questions

the coronavirus works hard but we work even harder

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Seattle Mariners
how it feels when we get more than two (2) questions on twitter
Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

0:00-16:50: Matthew and Kate, aka Quarantina Fey and Amy Loner, describe their typical quarantine outfits and encourage you to do whatever your heart desires and stay away from activities that are supposed to be fun but feel like work. They also debate if Seattle’s current run of nice weather is good or bad for quarantining?

16:55-37:30: Diving into our Twitter questions, which provides a natural jumping off point for Kate to talk about her first foray into video games. Matthew only knows about video games that are at least six years old. Which player did Kate take the most joy in striking out while playing The Show? After this spirited discussion, we answer one of the best Mariner questions we’ve ever received.

37:35-50:35: What are the actual Mariners up to? You can check out minor league sidearm pitcher Jack Anderson on Instagram for some woodworking content.

Isn’t it wild how clocks don’t exist anymore and all we have is our stomachs telling us that it’s time to eat again? Which novelty toy that was popular in the ‘70s did Matthew miss out on because Bartells ran out? We also come out as an anti-sourdough starter podcast.

50:40-1:03:00: Remember, you can always do nothing, as long as nothing means “listening to the Lookout Landing podcast”. Or watch the Casey Anthony documentary. Who cares, none of this will feel real a year from now, just like we’ll all laugh hysterically at this god-awful plan MLB devised to save the season.

Music: “Where’d All the Time Go?” by Dr. Dog // “Soundtrack 2 My Life” by Kid Cudi

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