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Seattle Mariners Hire Lookout Landing as GM, Manager

look, we’ve got to do something to pass the time

Major League Baseball Delays Start To 2020 Regular Season Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Seattle, WA (AP) - Big news from Seattle today, as the Seattle Mariners announced they have demoted general manager Jerry Dipoto to assistant general manager and fired manager Scott Servais. To handle those jobs, the club tapped an unknown face beyond the reaches of the internet: a little known blogger named Lookout Landing. Though many national writers questioned the move, local fans know that Landing has had a keen eye on the team for years and is well-acquainted with both the current roster and the franchise’s long-running penchant for management pratfalls.

The club released a quizzical statement on the move, with a mysterious quote from their new GM/Manager.

going to be busy? geez

Only time will tell what this unorthodox move will bring to a rebuilding Seattle club.

Welcome to Seattle! As new GM/Manager, you’re shown to your new office, which is technically two rooms with a hastily-constructed drywall hole between them. These were formerly the GM and Manager offices, but there’s no need for such compartmentalization now. Scott Servais has been hired in the Australian Baseball League as a quality control coordinator, and Jerry Dipoto has an office in the coat closet right outside one of your two roomoffices, ready to give you trade advice at a moment’s notice. Let’s check your email as you settle in.

seems reasonable enough

That doesn’t sound too bad. Playing .500 ball this year might be tough with the current roster—we’ll need to see what we can do about that, or choose to disappoint John this year in favor of long-term gains. It’s time to take a quick look around the organizational ranks.

here’s a look at the financial picture!

We have a little money to play with, but not much. We can also adjust ticket prices and player development and scouting budgets within the parameters of ownership’s budget.

Here are our top prospects as viewed by internal reports. Five top 100 prospects is nice!

Here’s our current roster. Look, they’re all happy!

It’s time to decide what to do. Leave comments below giving me a strategy to pursue. Make sure to rec ideas you like—I’ll be looking to the most popular (or, sometimes, hotly debated) ideas for ways to proceed in the game. That can be signing free agents, adjusting budgets, cutting players, assigning prospects to various levels—almost without fail, if Jerry Dipoto would have the latitude to do it, you can probably make it happen by leaving a sufficiently popular comment below. It’s worth noting that the current game date is March 5th—there is lots of time to send players down, call them up, offer free agent contracts, propose trades—anything you like. The more suggestions you guys give me, the less I’ll have to do myself.

What should the Mariners do next? This will be an installment series in which we try to make the Mariners 2020 season a success by whatever metrics we make up to pass the time til we get baseball back. Make your submissions below, and we will do our very best to see what can happen. Got a trade proposal? Suggest it, and we’ll plug it into the game engine to see how it likes it and how we can tweak it to make it work. The digital world is your oyster.

Before diving in, if you’re new to OOTP, check out our intro here. You can buy the game here, and use code LOOKOUTLANDING to get an additional 10% off!