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Mariners Moose Tracks, 4/5/20: minor league grinders, baseball on the surface of the sun?, ice cream

Also: some Mariners-adjacent opportunities for charitable giving!

06/25/98 - Various places around Laurel, Md. - Omar Sillah, the Good Humor ice cream truck driver -
me, desperately trying to maintain a positive attitude
Photo by Michael Williamson/The The Washington Post via Getty Images

Hello and happy...Sunday? Yes, Sunday. First and foremost, hats off to those of you who knew exactly what day of the week it was because you’re essential workers still going in, including our own Zach Gottschalk on staff. (Everyone send some love to Gotty the Great please. What I wouldn’t give to read one of his recaps right now.) For the rest of us, it’s Sunday! My life now revolves around what I plan to eat on any given day. Today I’m making pancakes for brunch and a pork roast with tequila-citrus sauce for dinner and yes I have been thinking about that plan for three solid days. Finally, the recipes I have been collecting for years and storing in a large expandable file all have their day in the sun! Let’s let even more light in with these links.

In Mariners news:

  • Today’s Mariners minor league grinder update: DSL catcher Ortwin Pieternella
  • If you’re a player yourself or know someone who could use this, hitting coach Jarret DeHart (spoken about as a “mastermind” by many Mariners players) is offering video analysis for hitters in exchange for a donation to Mariners Care:
  • Tim Lopes’s wife Amber has a flower cart (Loveleigh Day Flowers) and has been using it to deliver flowers to frontline workers. If you’re interested in donating to the fund to send cheery bouquets for healthcare workers in southern California, send her a DM on Instagram or check out her website.

Around the league:

In Seattle news:

  • If you read only one Twitter thread today (and you should probably cap it at that), make it this one about an email where Canlis forgot to BCC the entire mailing list...and then something wonderful happened.
  • Raise your hand if you feel this too:

Also, if you want to understand more about the drastic toilet paper shortage [pause to add to journal labeled “sentences I never thought I’d write”], our benevolent Vox overlords have a pretty good explainer on why it’s not just a hoarding problem.

Kate’s pick:

There was some hot debate over this in the LL slack, with Matthew immediately declaring himself a 13, aka Fancy Stawberry Boi. Grant is unsurprisingly an ice cream cookie, Connor is the classic shaved ice (although with green not blue, what?), and John was mad there was no Choco Taco. Oh, John. (Myself, I favor the classics: 33, aka La Bomb Pop.)