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Lookout Landing Podcast 112: The Glue Guys Draft

We’re drafting teams of guys who were good but not TOO good, because they respect the game too much

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0:00-7:25: Matthew drops a fire intro before teeing up his guest, Lookout Landing staffer Grant Bronsdon. The fellas are joined together, separately, to draft teams of Glue Guys. This is essentially the direct opposite of the last draft they did, in which they tried to create the best possible teams in Mariner history out of individual players’ seasons. For this one, the only players who are eligible are ones who were not very good. If you were worth 3.0 Wins Above Replacement, sorry, you’re disqualified. This draft was inspired by Matthew’s world-changing article from last week.

7:30-29:55: With the first pick, Matthew perhaps falls victim to recency bias. Grant responds by taking someone from the 2001 team, but probably not who you think! After Matthew makes his second pick, a quick Internet search reveals a hilarious story about him. After a defensive specialist and a superstar on the come up get picked, Grant grabs the first pitcher and Matthew takes a cartoonish slugger.

30:00-39:40: Grant responds with a glue guy slugger of his own, who is also one of the best players in franchise history, because Mariners. This leads to a world of discovery at the next pick, when a Mariner legend from the early days is snatched up, causing two people who were not born at the time of his playing career to find out that he was a…free spirit. Then, a wild relief pitcher appears!

39:45-59:20: Matthew intentionally makes things harder on Grant by drafting a guy at his second position so Grant can have him at his first. We also accidentally go out of order because neither of our brains work anymore. The next bullpen pick sparks a conversation about relievers who received MVP votes, and then.

59:25-1:14:50: Grant takes to the skies for his final pick while Matthew identifies the keys to the game. Then, we go over some honorable mentions and recap our selections before disappearing into our quarantine caves again.

Music: “The Ballad of Me and My Brain” by The 1975 // “Fetch the Bolt Cutters” by Fiona Apple

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