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Mariners Moose Tracks, 4/26/20: Braden Bishop, the Cape Cod League, MLB draft talk, space

Six feet isn’t enough, I need more like six million light years ok

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Seattle Mariners v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to Sunday! It’s a day like any other for me, but today I don’t feel guilty about eating pancakes midday. How are your quarantine crafts going? I have a friend who is making a patchwork Plague Doctor mask, which is brilliant because not only does it cover the face but it’s so terrifying-looking that it should keep strangers more than the recommended six feet away. Meanwhile I am still stapling printer paper to my head in an attempt to complete my first homemade mask. It’s going great.

In Mariners news:

  • We are big fans of Mariners bullpen coach Brian DeLunas. Hear about how he’s working with his pitchers remotely during the pandemic in this interview with ROOT’s Jen Mueller:
  • Braden Bishop and the 4MOM Foundation announce the Suzy Bishop Memorial Grant for caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients in honor of his late mother:
  • Yesterday was Omar Vizquel’s birthday, so please enjoy some Classic Omar highlights courtesy of MLB:

Around the league:

  • No Cape Cod League this year. Not a surprise, but still, boooo. What a bummer for the kids who invariably go to the Cape over the summer and make a lot of noise, thus improving their draft stock for the spring. Next year’s Nick Gonzales is going to have to find another way to make an impression.
  • MLB Pipeline has just released a revised Top 150 prospect list. If you missed it, John and Joe were joined by MLB’s Jonathan Mayo on the latest podcast, which you can listen to here, in which they discuss the current state of the Mariners system and the upcoming draft. On Monday we’ll be dropping the second part of that series, in which Joe and I talk to MLB’s Jim Callis about the same topics, and Jim drops one of the most interesting Jarred Kelenic comps I’ve heard yet.

(A reminder that listening to the podcasts—or even subscribing or downloading and putting them on while you do dishes but then letting your attention wander because what was the name of that game you had as a kid where you had to earn “status cards” and the goal was to make the most money and have the most stuff and what a perfectly 80s game that was and oh yeah you were supposed be listening to a podcast, better rewind that—that still counts as a listen for us, which helps support the site, so thank you listeners and attention-wanderers alike!)

  • Cleveland joins the ranks of teams committed to paying all full-time staff through June, but part-time employees and interns are still furloughed:

Football links, because it’s Sunday and I can:

  • Marshawn Lynch remains undefeated when riding a cart:
  • The NFL Draft captured most of the headlines for this weekend, and for all in-depth stories on what the Seahawks did you should check out Field Gulls, who worked their little tailfeathers to the bone all weekend to bring actual fresh sports content to you with detailed breakdowns of every pick as well as roundups of how the NFC West did as a whole along with general draft information. I have a favorite draftee and it is LSU WR/TE Stephan (said “Stefon”) Sullivan. Sullivan is also a favorite of Seahawks beat reporter Gregg Bell, who knocked it out of the park with this story on someone I hope to admire on the field as much as I do off of it:

Kate’s Pick:

To be perfectly frank, I am dreading everyone’s Pandemic Novel, but this short story by Emily Nemens, “The Arizona Plan,” was a nice way to ease into COVID-related fiction, probably because it takes as its theme the only thing more impossible to conceive of than a global pandemic that wipes out life as we know it: going outside in Phoenix in August. It also made me miss Short Relief. RIP, Short Relief, which as all good things belongs to the pre-pandemic world alone.

Tim’s Pick:

Staff writer Tim vies with Zach for the title of Biggest Space Geek at LL, and while it is a hotly contested crown, Tim pulls ahead for now thanks to sharing the link to this very cool site where you can peer through the Hubble Telescope on your birthday in a random year and see what it saw. I got Arp 272, which is apparently the beautiful astral violence that occurs when two spiral galaxies collide. It looks like two Mr. Softees having a fight and I want a mural of it on my wall.

A side note: While Tim does not do the links posts, it should be recognized that everyone on staff contributes to the links channel in Slack in order to help keep the content mill churning keep you all up to date on the latest happenings in the sports world and beyond. That means you, faithful LL reader, have at any given time about a dozen people frenetically aggregating the latest news/items of interest whenever they are staring into their tiny doomreaders, which, since we are all Highly Online, is basically all the time. We hope you find these links posts helpful in keeping tabs in the world of baseball, and the comment section a daily place to commiserate, share, react, or just holler into the void. Every time you click on an article or share something with a friend you’re helping to support us in the work that we do, and we hope in turn that helps you be the most informed and connected fan you can be. From the bottom of our hearts, thanks.