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Mariners Moose Tracks, 4/24/20: Dee “Hutch” Gordon, streaming baseball (kinda), The Other Boys of Summer

Today was almost the day this was the Marines Moose Tracks. Almost. Thank goodness because they’ve got bigger things to deal with.

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San Diego Padres v Seattle Mariners Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Congratulations, we’ve made it to the end of another week, a unit of time that used to mean something but doesn’t anymore. A few weeks ago I found this an exciting revelation, wanting to run right up to Matthew McConaughey as Rustin Cohle and yell that time isn’t just a flat circle, it’s a human construct and therefore infinitely variable, and why don’t you stick that in your hollowed-out cheekbones and smoke it, and also, RUSTY COAL? Please, True Detective, slow down, us addle-brains can’t keep up with all this subtle layering. Now that I’m mad at a TV show old enough to be in kindergarten, on with the links.

In Mariners news:

  • Dee Gordon won the Fred Hutch award, which probably should have happened earlier, but is also probably happening at just the right time. Connor wrote up the details here, and if you haven’t, you should also read Zach’s deep dive on Fred Hutchinson and learn about the man who adorns every endcap on the seats in Seattle’s stadium.
  • In case you missed it, Dave Sims talking about Jackie Robinson:
  • Podcast plugs: first, for the West Virginia Power’s “Expanding the Grid” podcast, which features high-level production values, probably the best in A ball; this week, David Kahn talks with Mariners MLB hitting coach Jarret DeHart. I have heard from players outside the organization that “JD” is spoken about with deep reverence by the Mariners hitters, so if hitting is one of your particular interests, or you have a young hitter in your household, definitely give that a listen.

The second podcast plug is for our own podcast; Joe was able to line up some star guests in MLB’s Jonathan Mayo and Jim Callis to talk about the draft and’s latest Top 150 draft prospect list, the current state of baseball, and the Mariners system. The interview with John, Joe, and Jonathan Mayo (triple J power!) dropped yesterday, and on Monday we’ll have Jim talking with Joe and I [spoiler alert: I get very sold on Garrett Mitchell, and Jim throws out one of the most interesting Kelenic comps I’ve heard yet]. Listen to the first installment of our star-studded diptych here, and remember that downloading the pods is a great way to help support the site!

  • Speaking of supporting the site, BreakingT is releasing a classics collection and for the Mariners, they started off with the most iconic hit in Mariners history: The Double. Grab yours here and help support the site! (Also, speaking of classic Mariners moments, I did pitch the idea of Kyle Seager getting sassy with Jered Weaver as a shirt; will let you know how that develops. I know I’m &@*$! ready.)

Around the league:

  • So ESPN can air this but not pay for the KBO? Cool, guys. Cool cool cool.

(I would still watch this, I would just rather watch actual baseball on something bigger than my postage stamp-sized laptop screen. Give me a streaming option, Asian baseball leagues!)

  • The CPBL marches on, with former Mariner Ariel Miranda getting the start for the Chinatrust Brothers (which is apparently a hotel chain and not, as Tim theorized, a bank that failed in 2008). The Rakuten Monkeys have the broadcast and are doing an English-language broadcast, their first ever, as the CPBL continues to smartly capitalize on English-speaking baseball fans who are missing live baseball. Watch the rebroadcast here:
  • I know we all probably had a similar clenching of the gut when Vin Scully’s name showed up trending, but stand down, people, apparently he is fine.

I’ve still got my eyes on you, though, ‘rona. If you try to take Vin Scully away there WILL be consequences. I’m still sad about John Prine.

  • While I like to imagine J.T. Watkins shoving Brock Holt up against a locker and warning him against looking over his shoulder, sadly, that’s probably not how this went down:

Seriously, though, what is that evidence? His large poking stick used for prodding prying players away from his computer monitor? A computer chastity belt of some kind? Were any of them solutions that could keep people in the supermarket six feet away from me at all times? Feeling like there’s a missed opportunity here if we can just extract old JT from under this bus tunnel where he’s been repeatedly run over.

  • The Rangers: good at replacing ballparks not old enough to be on their own for health insurance, apparently bad at paying employees:

Kate’s pick:

Something to do on a Saturday night! And support a great cause while you’re at it!