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Sporcle Friday: Most Career Strikeouts Against the Mariners

there’s no shame in striking out against these guys

Bay Area News Group Archive

I imagine that next to making an error, striking out is probably when MLB players feel the most naked. All eyes are on you, and you fail. While modern thinking has evolved to understand that striking out really isn’t that bad, there’s still the element of walking back to the dugout after failing to put the ball in play. Gotta imagine that’s not fun.

The Seattle Mariners have had the misfortune of playing in the American League with some of the best pitchers of all time. Specifically in the AL West, they matched up 23 times against the all-time strikeout king. He placed tenth on this list, behind nine guys who got a lot more cracks at the Mariners than he did. As expected, there are several Hall of Famers, and even more All-Stars, but also an international sex symbol and two guys with the same last name!

Like last week’s quiz that asked you to name the players who have homered most against the Mariners, the teams listed here are simply all the teams that these guys ever pitched for. I do not know whether they specifically pitched against the Mariners for each of the listed teams, but I figured that context would be helpful. Some played for so many teams that their list gets cut off, so click the link at the bottom to take the quiz on Sporcle’s website and see all their credits.