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FanPost Friday: Degrees of separation from a baseball player

Humblebrags welcome here!

San Diego Padres v Seattle Mariners Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Just like the old party game “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” I want to hear your stories of your connections to both Mariners players or any baseball players (current or former). Did you grow up with a sibling or parent of a current major league player? Do you know the person who details Dee Gordon’s car? Are you best friends with a cook from Dae-Ho Lee’s favorite Seattle restaurant? Tell us all about it!

Here, I’ll give you one of mine. In college in Minnesota, my wife was friends with a girl who ended up marrying Carlos Silva (met him during his Twins days) and had two kids with him. So, I am 3 degrees away from Carlos Silva. Do I wish it was more? Perhaps.

This isn’t meant to be a bragging contest by any means, but I figured at week 5-ish of a plague-delayed season that we could use something breezy and conversational. So go on and tell us your stories in the comments or make a FanPost if you’re feeling particularly inspired.

Shoutout to Ashley MacLennan at Bless You Boys for inspiring this prompt!