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Lookout Landing Podcast 111: Chatting with Corey Brock

What do beat writers do when the beat stops? Come on the Lookout Landing podcast, duh!

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Mike Cameron Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Corey Brock, the Mariners’ beat writer for The Athletic, joins the podcast to talk about the team’s past, present, and future.

0:00-23:55: Before we start, Corey checks in with John to make sure he has stockpiled all of Cooperstown’s best beers while quarantined. Recently, Corey published a story on Mario Mendoza, leading us to wonder how many other pieces he’s got in the chamber. Another pertinent question: are the replays of old Mariner playoff games getting old? While we’re remembering great moments in Mariner history, Corey recalls the days when fans were given weapons upon entering the Kingdome.

24:00-40:00: Where was Corey on the day that baseball stopped? Has he talked to anyone in the organization about their thoughts on the situation, or their strategies for staying in shape? Who will be at the greatest disadvantage when baseball resumes? Will the Mariners ever get to unleash their swarm of quad-A utility guys?

41:00-46:50: Corey devoted many words to Mike Cameron this offseason. Cammy is also Matthew’s favorite player, so naturally we had to talk about that. Let us all give this play the respect it deserves.

46:55-1:04:00: Listener questions! Corey describes his time around the Mariners’ facility in the Dominican Republic. What is it like to bask in Julio Rodriguez’s glow? Who are some free agents the Mariners could add when they’re ready to make a go at it? What does all of this mean for the Astros? (Please don’t let the Astros skate by un-booed.)

Music: “Here I Am (Come and Take Me)” by Al Green // “Yours & Mine” by Lucy Dacus

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