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Mariners Moose Tracks, 4/18/20: Marco crushes giving blood, live baseball!, baseball books free to read

Also: Edgar is the best prom date

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to Quarantine Saturday, which for most of us is the same as any other day, although with possibly even more hole-marked sweatpants. I am distressed to report that my last week of cooking was decidedly lackluster, with not a single recipe making it to the final round of being copied over to an index card and filed in the recipe box. Please drop some of your recipe successes in the comments because I am getting a little desperate for ideas and the lack of availability of certain key ingredients at the market is making things difficult (as well as the usual suspects like flour and yeast, this past week I’ve struggled to find chicken breasts, salmon, fresh garlic, and shallots—who is hoarding all the tiny onions, show yourselves).

In Mariners news:

  • If you have already volunteered to give blood through the Mariners-sponsored partnership with Bloodworks NW, good on you. So many people have responded to the call that the blood drive has been extended through the end of May, and spots for those dates are filling quickly. If you can donate, sign up here. Marco Gonzales and his wife Monica just did it! Obviously Marco had to be competitive about it, because Marco.
  • Edgar Martinez was his daughter Tessa’s date to quarantine prom and my heart exploded.

Shoutout to all the high school seniors who have been robbed of all the stuff they spent three years toiling towards. They’re not making ads recognizing you but they should be.

Around the league:

  • If you are like me and frustrated about how few baseball books are available online via the public library but also don’t want to shovel more money directly into Jeff Bezos’s mouth, JJ Cooper of Baseball America has some good news:

If you can, support Baseball America with a subscription, and also our friends at FanGraphs, who have announced they have merch available for you to pre-order, including the always popular “Bro do you even FanGraphs?” tee. (I might be misremembering the exact quote.

  • There’s actual live baseball to watch if you’re awake at 5 AM Pacific! Also, if you are awake and tweet at the team accounts, there’s a good chance they’ll tweet back. The CPBL seems to be aware that they’re in a unique position to capture an audience they might not have otherwise, which makes for a fascinating study on multiple levels.

Kate’s pick:

You can still fall off a houseboat and drown, right? Because I pick that option.