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FanPost Friday Music Thread!

Covering an old stand-by and taking it mainstream

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners
burn one down, moose!
Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

There’s an old, occasional tradition around LL known as the “Friday Morning/Afternoon Music Thread,” which is a sort of b-side to the usual Off-topic open threads. I believe it was started by Jeff Sullivan just as a way to share links to whatever music people felt like spreading about. It’s been a good way to find out about bands and artists you might not otherwise hear. LLers are nothing if not eclectic as a whole.

So! We’re taking it mainstream this week and playing the hits for this Pandemic Friday! I’ll share some prompts and tunes to get you going. Please share whatever music you’re jamming these days in the comments and along with your answers.

PROMPT 1: Please speculate on your favorite players post-COVID-19 walk-up songs for whenever baseball comes back.

PROMPT 2: Your go-to song or artist when you’re feeling sad as shit.

PROMPT 3: Your go-to song when you’re feeling happy and ready to take on the world!

Eric’s Top Jams for Friday, April 17, 2020 - #WeHateUCoronaVirus edition

1. Knocked Loose - Mistakes Like Fractures

I spent many years engrossed in hardcore punk, but don’t keep up with it much these days. Every so often there are a couple bands that catch my ear and make some noise the way I like it, and Knocked Loose from Kentucky of all places definitely do it right. Get wrecked, kid.

2. The Weeknd - Blinding Lights

This guy is very hit or miss for me, but god dammit this song has been stuck my head for weeks now. It’s so shameless in its 1980s new wave/synth riffing, complete with the “Take on Me” drumbeat in the beginning, but I can’t help but vibe with it. Major ear-worm warning in effect.

3. Trevor Jones - The Gael (version from “The Last of the Mohicans”

Shoutout to the soundtrack nerds out there. This is what I put on when I need to focus on something or get inspired. Never seen this movie? Doesn’t matter, you can probably bop to this. But seriously, treat yourself to this movie if you haven’t. It’s absolutely beautiful and incredibly stirring. Michael Mann forever.