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Sporcle Friday: Most Career Home Runs Against the Mariners

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Sports Contributor Archive 2019 Photo by Ron Vesely/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Home runs are my favorite part of baseball. I don’t care if that makes me basic. I love when someone takes a massive swing and is rewarded by hitting the ball 450 feet; I love when someone takes a protective swing and the ball clears the fence by six inches. For most of my life, the Mariners have been bad, which means that a big part of watching them is seeing players from other teams leave souvenirs for Seattle fans.

Off the top of my head, the most memorable home runs I’ve seen opponents hit in-person are Jason Varitek washing the Hit it Here Cafe windows in 2006, Mark Trumbo hitting a laser for the Angels that ricocheted off the facing of the upper deck and into a dude’s shoulder, Prince Fielder hitting a game-tying homer when the Rangers were down to their last strike, and recently, Fernando Tatís Jr. being very rude to Wade LeBlanc.

Anyway, these are the 20 players who have hit the most home runs against the Mariners. The top two are probably exactly who you’d expect them to be. The teams listed are simply every team that the guy played for, I don’t know if they necessarily hit a home run against the M’s while playing for every single one of those teams. Also, two of these guys played for the Mariners, but I didn’t list that as part of their teams because you obviously cannot hit a home run against the team you play for.

LINK TO QUIZ (This would be a good quiz to use this link because you’ll be able to see the complete list of teams for guys who bounced around between like seven or eight.)