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Mariners Moose Tracks, 4/10/20: T-Mobile Park blood drive, cardboard fans, chicken wings

there actually is some baseball content in here, I promise

T-Mobile on Twitter

Happy Friday to those of you still observing the work week. With a couple big holidays right now in Easter and Passover, I know it’s extra difficult for a lot of you in quarantine right now used to seeing family and friends at this time. But your e-friends at LL are here for you, starting off with a fresh weekend serving of links.

In Mariners news:

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Around the league:

  • This seems like a great plan if teams are playing in empty stadiums when baseball returns. Forget the “choose your quarantine house” memes, I am interested in hearing about which four people you’d virtually drag to a Mariners game if you could.
  • Mark Reynolds of the Rockies is calling it a career.
  • Andrew McCutchen offers some feedback on the plate discipline of his character in MLB The Show:
  • Did anyone watch this? Please discuss it extensively in the comments if you did. I am curious about it but not sure if I want to commit to this show or Supermarket Stakeout.

Kate’s pick:

  • I believe when the kids say “king shit” they are talking about something like this:
  • I solemnly volunteer to do my civic duty. This is where I’m a Viking.