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Sporcle Friday: Most Home Runs by Mariners Born in the ‘90s


Chicago White Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Children of the ‘90s, our time is nigh. The oldest of us are turning 30, the youngest of us are entering our twenties. It’s time to organize, mobilize, rise up, and hit some dingers.

The best Mariner hitters of recent years (Robinson Canó, Nelson Cruz, and Kyle Seager) are offspring of the 1980s. The next crop of supposed young Mariner stars born in the ‘90s haven’t quite compiled their stats yet, meaning the most accomplished Mariners ‘90s babies are far from household names. For those of you wondering, Jarred Kelenic entered the world in ‘99, and Julio Rodriguez came along in 2000.

The 90s were a decade famously known for prodigious home runs. The children of the era are about to take center stage. Mike Trout is, unsurprisingly, the current leader in home runs among players born in the 1990s. He has 285. The Mariners’ leader has............95.