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Sporcle Friday: Mariners with the most home runs in March/April

swing hard to keep warm

Seattle Mariners’ Alex Rodriguez tries to keep war Photo credit should read JEFF KOWALSKY/AFP via Getty Images

The Mariners, along with every other Major League Baseball team, will begin their 2020 regular season on March 26. For the more weather-privileged teams (see: San Diego, Los Angeles, Miami, Arizona) this will be a nice spring day of sunshine and light breezes. For the Mariners and other northern teams that are curiously starting their seasons at home (see: Cleveland, Cincinnati, the White Sox) rather than beginning in a southern city, or at least at a stadium with a roof, their home openers are going to be played in an icebox.

While these were much more low-stakes than what the Mariners are about to do, I have memories of playing Little League and club baseball in March and April. Let me tell you, it is not fun to play baseball in the Seattle area during those months. Heroically, the M’s have been doing it for years, even in the years after detonating the Kingdome and being forced to brave 45-degree days with harsh winds coming off the water.

Baseballs typically travel harder and farther in warm weather, which makes the idea of hitting a bunch of cold taters quite impressive. These are the 22 Mariners who hit at least 12 home runs in March/April, which Baseball-Reference categorizes as a joint month because there are typically only a week of games in March at the absolute most. Two of the players on this list somehow managed to hit exactly 21 home runs in just 78 March/April games, although one of them played his home games indoors.