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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/6/20: Yoan Moncada, Jake Fraley, JT Ginn, Legalize Marinara

Saucing you up and sending you into the weekend with some linkage

MLB: Chicago White Sox at Seattle Mariners Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Hello and happy Friday to those of you working from home and those of you who are still being required to come in to work alike. No matter where you are, here are some links to help you pass the time before the Mariners take the field tonight against the Dodgers. Marco won’t be getting the start in that game after all; Nick Margevicius will instead take the rubber, which honestly, I’m a little more excited about. Marco is a known quantity, but I’m curious about what Large Marge has to offer. The game will air on MLB Network at 5:05 PT.

In Mariners news:

  • Jake Fraley guested on the “Officially Unofficial” pod and it’s well-worth a listen as it totally changed my perception of Fraley, who I have always viewed as a buttoned-up guy focused on two things, faith and family. Fraley is definitely still that guy, but he also has a sense of humor that was refreshing to see. He tells a hilarious story about Alex Bregman and LSU (a school you “don’t attend for the academics”), an even more hilarious story about Donnie Walton, and also gives some insight on why he was so happy to be traded to the Mariners. Give it a listen.
  • Yesterday the Mariners continued their offensive struggles, failing to score for the second game in a row, and losing to the hated rivals the Padres 3-0. The scoreless innings streak now stands at 19. On the bright side, Yusei Kikuchi’s velocity was up for a third straight start. Catch up with Zach’s recap here.

Around the league:

  • The big news from yesterday was Yoan Moncada of the White Sox signing a five-year extension that will guarantee him $70M; if the club option is exercised, the total value could top $90M.
  • Coronavirus fears have spread to spring training camps:
  • The Rangers debuted the interior of their new park and while it’s been drawing a lot of comparisons to Minute Maid, at least one person noted its similarity to uh, another MLB park:
  • Speaking of the Rangers, they’re once again throwing their cowboy hat into the “audacious ballpark foods” category:
  • I love minor league baseball so, so much
  • I also love Ryan Rowland-Smith so, so much:
  • This feels like something Guillermo Heredia would do, which makes me miss Guillermo Heredia:

In draft news:

  • It was announced yesterday that projected top-10 prospect RHP JT Ginn had TJ surgery. Ginn is still a candidate to go in the early rounds of the draft, although as a draft-eligible sophomore, he has options. We profiled Ginn as part of our draft preview series here.

Kate’s pick:

Grant and I got our wires crossed on recapping the other day, meaning there are 981 words of a recap you’ll never get to read because Grant is a little faster at typing that have just been sent to the online graveyard (I am re-using that document to type these links, palimpsest-style, because LL is a green workplace, baby). However, I could not delete this .gif of Taylor Guilbeau striking out Shohei Ohtani without sharing it with you—and bonus, the caption pokes a little fun at Yale grad Grant.

did you go to yale shohei because that’s a real whiff-n-poof