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Sporcle Friday: Worst Seasons by a Mariner Pitcher Since 2000

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one of these guys also managed to lead the league in shutouts during his awful season

Anaheim Angels vs Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

With the benefit of hindsight, I find it very fun to reminisce on terrible things. While they may seem Earth-shattering at the time, many of our lowest moments end up as nothing more than a brief misstep. We’ve all had a bad day, a bad week, even a bad year. However, if you’re taking this quiz, I’m guessing you’ve never had a bad year while also pitching for the Seattle Mariners.

Since the turn of the century, 22 different pitchers have thrown at least 75 innings for the M’s and compiled a bWAR of 0.0 or lower. This gives this group one more member than the gang of position players who were replacement-level or worse in 300 plate appearances. You can take that quiz, which we posted last week, here.

Our hopeless pitchers include two bona fide Mariner legends, some ill-advised free agent signings, a few lovable losers who I choose to disbelieve were ever this bad, and of course, guys who were so bad that I don’t even really remember them. Also, because the innings threshold is at 75, there a few relievers sprinkled in here.