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Mariners release reliever Sam Tuivailala

Good bye, loyal Sam

Seattle Mariners v Pittsburgh Pirates
fare thee well, sam
Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Mariners made an early Friday afternoon news dump today in the form of releasing reliever Sam Tuivailala. The move comes as a bit of a surprise given that Tuivailala had made his way back to the major league roster last season after a long rehab of his Achilles tendon injury. However, Tui has recently been dealing with a shoulder impingement according to Greg Johns, which is why he didn’t pitch during the abbreviated Cactus League games. Here are all the relevant tweets:

It should also be noted that it’s possible that Tuivailala requested his release.

Upon his return to the majors in 2019, Tui’s velocity was about 2 mph lower than his career averages according to LL Deputy Manager John Trupin. So, perhaps the writing was on the wall. Nonetheless, I am sad to see Sam go. For us Extremely Online Mariners fans, Sam’s relentless positivity and nonstop pumping up of his teammates on social media was always a refreshing thing to witness. Happy trails and good luck, Sam.


Additional information from Ryan Divish: