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FanPost Friday: Okay, now what?

What are y’all doing to fill your idle time without baseball (or any sports)?

Major League Baseball Suspends Spring Training Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Major League Baseball and all other sports and gatherings have been put on hold until the COVID-19 crisis subsides in the United States. Many people are currently stuck in their houses or at least trying to limit their interactions with other people, and boy, it sure would be nice to have some baseball to watch. I hope folks in our little internet community are staying healthy out there and my heart goes out to anyone directly dealing with coronavirus. Hang in there best you can, folks.

On that note, this post and comment section is all for you, LLers. Need to vent about how much it sucks to have no baseball right now? Go right ahead (within LL comment section guidelines, please and thank you). Want to tell us what you’re up to in lieu of watching baseball? Go for it. Tell us about what you’re watching/binging/playing/streaming/twitching(?), too!

Seattle Mariners v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
dae-ho would like to hear from you
Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

No need to make your own FanPost, unless you’ve got a meaty topic you want to dig into. Go ahead and sound off in the comments about what you’re up to or what’s grinding your gears. It may feel like it, but we’re not alone during this crisis and this community is here for you.