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Sporcle Friday: Worst Seasons by a Mariner Since 2000

maybe they shoulda quarantined themselves. topical humor!

Mariners v Angels Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

It’s a bit hard to avoid negativity during the age of ‘roni. I miss the Mariners, I miss sports, I miss human interaction. Without live sports, I started thinking about the athletes I missed watching the most. Then, I started thinking about the athletes that I absolutely do not miss at all. So here we are.

These 21 players put together, by bWAR, the worst individual Mariner seasons of the 21st century. I defined “worst” as 0.0 bWAR or lower in at least 300 plate appearances. This started as worst Mariner seasons ever, but I quickly realized that there are way too many Mariners who have been replacement level or worse in that many plate appearances (59 different individual seasons matching that criteria, to be exact). So instead, we limited it to 2000 and on, a period which allegedly contains 18 straight years without making the postseason. Also, if it wasn’t obvious by the plate appearance restrictions, this one is limited just to position players. We can do pitchers next week.

Go nuts.