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They Might Be Mariners Ep. 2: 2020 Top Prospects - Part Two

Cracking open a ten pack of Top-30 talents.

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Los Angeles Angels v Seattle Mariners Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

Lookout Landing’s three main prospect writers assemble, as John Trupin hosts Kate Preusser and Joe Doyle to break down Mariners prospects 30-21 on the LL Top-50 list for 2020.

The focus for this group is a set of several relievers among the best in the system, as well as a couple undersized starters and a trio of similarly small position players. Can Ljay Newsome and Devin Sweet stick in the rotation? Is the closer of the future in this group? Is there a path to the bigs for Joe Rizzo? What exactly makes Jonatan Clase so exciting? Are young relievers more valuable to MLB’s decision makers than we are prone to give them credit for? Did Kate pick the wrong time to go to Spring Training?

All those questions answered and more.

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Music: “losing u” by iZNiiK / “CHANCES” by KAYTRANADA

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