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Mariners Moose Tracks, 3/14/20: Trevor Bauer, minor leaguers, Yo-Yo Ma

Canceling plans, making plans, canceling more plans, canceling, canceling, canceling

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Arizona Diamondbacks
trevor throws a curve
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Today, in a different timeline, I am preparing to make my first-ever trip to Hohokam Stadium for the Mariners-A’s tilt this afternoon. I am thinking about a stop at Zur Kate restaurant to take a picture and to find out how an authentic German bierhaus came to be located in Mesa, Arizona. The sun is shining and I am driving my rental car, a fast little Fiat with red leather interior, towards baseball on the horizon.

Instead I am wrapped in a blanket in Seattle compiling today’s links post and avoiding unpacking a suitcase full of unworn sundresses and sandals and sadness. This is a bummer of an opening, I know, but stick with it. I have already written the ending to this post and it gets better, I promise.

In Mariners News:

  • The first thing to know is, there were three options presented to players regarding the cancellation of spring training:

Most Mariners apparently opted for choice number one. (They didn’t want to come to Seattle? Quelle surprise!)

  • Of course, not all players were given the option of staying:

My heart goes out to DSL prospects Jonatan Clase, Arturo Guerrero, Dariel Gomez, Andres Mesa, and all the other players who were flown from the DR today (by prearrangement) all the way to Arizona and then told to go home as soon as they got there. Also, something to think about:

Around the League:

  • The good news that NCAA athletes will get a year of eligibility back doesn’t come without complication:

Kate’s Picks:

  • Something on the internet is...good? Working to confirm:
  • I studied with Don Mitchell, a former player, longtime scout, and former scouting director for the Diamondbacks, at the scouting school for women I went to this fall and learned a ton from him. I enjoyed this post of his: