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Sporcle Friday: Longest Tenured Player on Each Team

i think it’s safe to say we won’t see a trade for a while

Texas Rangers v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

How long have you had your job? If you started before March 29, 2018, congratulations! You’ve held down your position longer than anyone on the Toronto Blue Jays*. If your workplace debut happened prior to June 3, 2004, you’ve had your job longer than literally any player in Major League Baseball.

Our topsy turvy Mariners have one guy who knows where the best snacks are kept, how to fix the printer, and what routes to take when traffic in the area is bad, but other than that, most of Seattle’s employees are fairly new. This quiz is straightforward: name the player on each team who has been there the longest. In order to qualify, the player must be on an uninterrupted tenure with the team. Anyone who left then came back is out. We’re using their first game with the MLB team as the starting point too, so don’t worry about anyone’s draft year or when they debuted in their team’s minor league system. The criteria for still being on a team is simply having a spot on their current 40-man roster.

Also, I did all of this manually, as there doesn’t seem to be a good resource for this. So, it’s possible that I didn’t get this exactly right, but also, if you know a website that has this information, let us know!

*UPDATE - March 14: Ah, the Blue Jays one was wrong! It has been corrected now. :)