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Lookout Landing Podcast 105: “Why I’m a Mariners Fan” with Joe Veyera

Tales of family connections, bullpen catchers, and cult hero Dae-Ho Lee

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Seattle Mariners v Texas Rangers Photo by Rick Yeatts/Getty Images

0:00-16:55: This episode begins with two decidedly non-experts, Matthew and guest Joe Veyera, talking about the coronavirus and how it will affect the podcast universe. Matthew then asks Joe how his fandom has evolved with age, particularly as the team fades into national irrelevance. What does one look to when winning is removed from the equation? How can we reasonably measure success in 2020? Matthew reminds the class that it’s important to have fun, whatever that means for you.

17:00-27:40: Say it with us, folks: AT LEAST WE’RE NOT THE KNICKS! Joe brags about being a Seattle lifer and a gift he received in 1996. The podcast duo identifies the path toward redemption, and it goes through Kernkraft 400. This conversation between two children of the mid-90s moves to how weird it is to see the Mariners play the villains in a movie, and not having any real memories of Griffey. Matthew ends this segment with one of his trademark cross-sport comparisons.

27:45-41:00: Getting real deep on the passage of time and how its coincidental relationship with baseball has impacted our lives. Love the imperfections in life, people. This portends a wonderful story about Joe sorta kinda befriending a former Mariner bullpen catcher.

41:05-48:00: A person’s Mariner fandom doesn’t become fully whole until they fall head-over-heels for a guy that wouldn’t crack a roster for half the teams in the league. This does not apply, however, to Dae-Ho Lee, who famously did nothing wrong.

47:25-1:01:30: Getting Joe’s thoughts on the creation of the Maple Grove. If you want to hear a longer conversation about that, check out our episode with Hilary Kirby, co-founder of the grove. We wrap it up with conversations of royalty, resurgence, rugrats, and re-builds.

Music: “WHateva U Want” by ScHoolboy Q (featuring Candice Pillay) // “Fallingwater” by Maggie Rogers

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