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3/11/20: Open Game Thread


311 - Photo Shoot - 1994
it’s your day, fellas
Photo by Steve Eichner/WireImage

Wow, what a day. At least there is, for the time being, still baseball. Meaningless practice baseball made for chilling out to. It’s even against our most chilled-out rivals from San Diego. You could ask for a more chilled out match-up on 311 Day. Are you feeling chilled-out yet?

(If you haven’t seen that video for a while or never have, wow. It’s unintentionally quite hysterical and an incredible late-90s time capsule /chugs a fruitopia while rollerblading and getting sick air).

ANYWAYS, baseball! Hope it doesn’t get rained out!

Game time: 6:40 PM PDT
TV: MLB.TV (SD feed only)
Radio: 710 ESPN