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Mariners Moose Tracks: 2/7/20: Domingo Santana, Mets sale, and Trident Deck

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Plenty still in flux in the final Friday before pitchers and catchers report!

Washington Nationals vs New York Mets Photo by Paul Bereswill/Getty Images

Where many of you are, it’s raining. Where I am, it’s supposed to snow a foot. Grab something warm to drink and cozy up to some links.

In Mariners news...

  • The Mariners unfortunately lost LHP Ricardo Sánchez on waivers to the St. Louis Cardinals yesterday. Sánchez had been DFA to make space for RHP Yoshihisa Hirano.
  • The Mariners announced this site’s namesake, the upper left field space known as Lookout Landing since Safeco Field’s inception, will be renamed the “Trident Deck”. It’s been real, I guess?
  • Speaking of Seattle ballparks of yore...
  • MLB Pipeline names Jonatan Clase the Mariners’ fastest prospect.
  • Jake Mailhot of FanGraphs looked at the leverage index to measure how Houston’s cheating impacted their performance in various points of import, including a highlight on a memorable Mariners game from 2017.
  • Evan White is getting ready, and is somewhere much sunnier than I am.

Around the league...

  • Baseball Prospectus unveiled their updated PECOTA projections for individual players yesterday, with a fantasy-focused element coming today. We’ll have a writeup on them later today, as well as their standings projections which will be unveiled on Monday.
  • The hype is here for Orioles catching prospect Adley Rutschman.
  • At least one writer - Tom Keegan of the Boston Herald - thinks this is a chance for Boston to dodge a disaster and call off the deal entirely.
  • That deal being held up has made for an odd situation in Joc Pederson’s arbitration hearings.
  • With Pederson in limbo, the league will likely send a third party representative to present the Dodgers’ case.
  • Meanwhile, the Dodgers locked up one of their player development successes, extending Max Muncy.
  • Rob Manfred believes the deal to purchase the Mets led by minority owner Steve Cohen is officially dead.
  • Manfred also addressed the frustrations that no players were punished as a result of their investigation, and noted the Red Sox should receive the results of their own investigation soon.
  • Once that investigation concludes, the Red Sox are expected to name bench coach Ron Roenicke as their manager, reports Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe.
  • While both parties are ostensibly subject to a non-disclosure agreement, the Mets are always good for some leaks. The New York Post’s Thornton McEnery notes all evidence points to Jeff Wilpon’s actions and demands scuttling the deal.
  • Several new Hall of Fame ballots have been made public, including Steve Kornacki, who included J.J. Putz in his vote for the former closer’s lone checked box.
  • Wes Jenkins at The Hardball Times makes a pitch for Minor League Baseball to push for more Bowl Games, adding spice and grandeur to the season.
  • MLB hired several recent players, including former Mariners pitcher Chris Young.
  • FanGraphs’ Justin Klugh writes on the journey for one fan, from a harrowing moment at Fenway half a century ago, to re-embracing the game that threatened their life.
  • A.J. Hinch has a full interview on MLB Network airing tonight, including this questionable quote.
  • Surprisingly, MLB continues to push the split-city plan as the best way forward for Tampa and Montreal. Marc Topkin has the full story.

John’s pick...

  • Congratulations to Angie Mentink!