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FanPost Friday: Create your own section at T-Mobile Park

We regret to inform you that Lookout Landing has died yet again

“i willlllll rememberrrrrr youuuuuuuuu”
Photo by Ben VanHouten/Seattle Mariners

Dearly beLLoved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of this very website’s namesake.

Yes, that little upper left field corner of the stadium, named Lookout Landing since the opening of Safeco Field, is no longer with us. The website has outlasted the physical structure it was named after. The freshly named Trident Deck will be another area of the park that can be rented out for corporate events and will feature some really bald-faced attempts to distract folks from the on-field product such as:

“There are plans to add an Augmented Reality experience during the season that will let fans use their smartphones to scan a code and cycle through historical images of the Kingdome projected over the view of CenturyLink Field, which stands on the original site of the Kingdome.” (Source)

Quick informal poll: Before you found, did you know the name came from a section of the ball park? Answer in the comments! As someone who’d been going to Safeco Field since it opened and was very familiar with the park, I had no idea until well after I found LL in 2009 and decided to look it up one day. I literally thought it was just an allusion to there being no floor.

ANYWAYS! The stadium now known as T-Mobile Park is undergoing what seem to be the most significant renovations to date, save for maybe the still-eye-popping high-def center field scoreboard. Take a look at this instructional video if you’ve been caught unawares.

Lots of changes! What the hell is a LOGE box? I guess we’ll find out.

So in the spirit of change, here is your prompt:

Create or re-brand your own section at T-Mobile Park

Colorado Rockies v Seattle Mariners
never forget!

What’s something you’ve always wanted at a ball park? NPB-style designated cheering sections with horns, drums, flags, etc? A early-90s-themed grunge dive bar with a hologram Chris Cornell as your host? In light of things like augmented reality and boardwalks and such, why not go full Dave & Buster’s and put in a video game arcade? Give the people what they want, which is apparently to not pay attention to the team during a rebuild.

Write a FanPost and tell us all about what feature you want to see at T-Mobile Park and we’ll front page the best submissions over the weekend.