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Mariners Moose Tracks: 2/29/20: Kikuchi’s Slider, Old Friends in the NL East, Aminé

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Atlanta Braves Photo Day Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

In Mariners News

  • This is encouraging! Hopeful, even.
  • So is this! Extra points for Dave Sims saying, “Bring it all the way around, big boy.”

“There will be no closer,” Servais said. “It’s just going to depend. Some nights it might be a particular guy matchup-wise or because he has the freshest arm, he hasn’t pitched in a couple days and he will be asked to get the final three outs of the game. Unless somebody jumps up and grabs the position and he looks super comfortable and he’s just shoving it and looks great, then it might grow into that. But right now, we don’t have one.”

  • He also had this update on a former-turned-current-again Mariner pitcher.

Around the League

  • Félix has new hair again. He also talked about having good fastball command in his most recent Spring Training performance.
  • I feel very confident in saying that I could have made this play better than a professional baseball player.
  • Your reward for watching that disaster is a much more palatable Mets’ video.

Matthew’s Picks

  • Portland rapper Aminé released the most Portland video of all time.
  • Y’all see this hog?