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Mariners Moose Tracks: 2/28/20: Coach Negrón, Jarred’s Ego, and Rihanna

both february and jarred kelenic have an unnecessary R

photo courtesy of @NicoKartel/Twitter

In Mariners News

  • The Mariners’ top pitching prospect unpacked his Cactus League debut.
  • The outfield teens did a KING 5 interview. Jarred Kelenic talked at length about how hot he thinks he is.
  • When I played baseball, my dad was my coach. He used to tell the other kids that he played center field for the Yankees. This was not real, a complete lie, a fabrication. But it made the other kids think he was extremely cool. Who knew all he had to do earn cool points was a choreographed helmet bounce routine?

Around the League

  • Major League Baseball made important strides on Thursday.
  • If you want to send Brodie Van Wagenen some money I guess you can do that? If I were Brodie Van Wagenen I would simply accept the LinkedIn request I sent him months ago.
  • Oh?
  • This sounds bad...?
  • Stephen Piscotty is gonna miss some more time this spring for the A’s.
  • I will now spend the rest of the morning coating my laptop in chill scents.

Matthew’s Picks

  • If you have the means to watch it, I would highly recommend this HBO special.
  • Kevin Parker of Tame Impala broke down the process that led to his most recent album.
  • Never chage, RiRi.