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Sporcle Friday: Most Relief Appearances for Scott Servais

call your bullpen, it’s time for a mound talk, give your reasons, tell them no more walks

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

Scott Servais has summoned seven different position players to the mound. Andrew Romine, Tom Murphy, Luis Sardiñas, Mike Freeman, Carlos Ruiz, Taylor Motter, and Dylan Moore all got to cosplay as pitchers in their time with the Mariners. Sardiñas even spun a clean inning at Wrigley Field: no hits, no walks, no runs, just three straight outs against Addison Russell, Jason Heyward, and Javier Báez, earning a place in obscure history. Not to be outdone, Murphy famously had two such outings in 2019, including one where he threw the most surprising pitch of the season.

There are also 15 different pitchers Servais has called out of the bullpen at least 44 times. All of these people, thankfully, were on the team with the explicit understanding that they’d be used as pitchers. With all due respect to Luis Sardiñas, they are much more suited for the role than he was.

This group is an eclectic squad of closers, setup men, long relievers, and people who had brief but dense stints in Seattle. I’m positive that these qualifications are the only ones that could possibly make the following men the Top 15 of anything.


If you’d like to try your hand at guessing the position players and starting pitchers who have appeared in the most games for Scott Servais, you can do that here and here.