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2/27/20: Split-Squad Open Games Thread

Fraley and Ljay on (White Sox) TV today, with Kelenic and Gilbert on radio delay

Seattle Mariners Photo Day
Here’s who you won’t see on TV today.
Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images

We’ve got a simultaneous split-squad game today, which always makes for wonky MLB app alerts, among other things. The good news is there is a video feed of one of the games, with the White Sox putting their game on TV for the MLB.TV or streaming among us. That game features several likely regulars, as well as Cal Raleigh behind the dish and Ljay Newsome on the hill. The bad news is the game at Peoria Sports Complex will only be available on radio delay, with Shed Long Jr., J.P. Crawford, Kyle Seager, and Tom Murphy getting tuned up alongside some veteran depth and top prospect Jarred Kelenic. They’ll have Logan Gilbert on the mound, which would be interesting to watch, but alas.

Opposing them, the ChiSox are putting up much of their possible day one roster, including top prospect Luis Robert (pronounced Luis like Luis Castillo, and Robert like Robert Pattinson), a.k.a. LouBob. The Giants... sure are putting out a spring training roster, with a lot of bench player types and former top prospect Tyler Beede on the hill.

Game Time for the White Sox game: 12:05 PM PT

TV: No.
Radio: No.
Online: MLB.TV will stream the White Sox TV feed

Game Time for the Giants game: 12:10 PM PT

TV: No.
Radio: delayed until 7 PM PT on 710 AM
Online: Radio feed potentially available streaming via MLB app and on