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2/26/20: ST Game #4 Open Game Thread

The Mariners look to even up their ST record against a potentially fun team in the Reds

Chicago Cubs v Seattle Mariners
if I were Tim Lopes I would simply demand this photographer follow me everywhere
Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Mariners got their first win of the spring yesterday in a radio-only snoozefest where they edged the Brewers, 2-1. The most entertaining part of that game was Nat’s first-ever recap, which you should go read if you haven’t. Today we get another fresh look at a spring squad with the Reds, which is all I ask for in these ST games. Well, that and an easily-accessible broadcast; more on that later.


A Julio start! Jake Fraley leadoff! Justin Dunn starting! Dee Gordon’s spring debut! There is some fun here. The Reds side is a little less fun than I was hoping for, although I am intrigued by Josh VanMeter: Leadoff Hitter. I also now have a soft spot for Tucker Barnhart, as while researching the history of prep catchers for my Drew Romo draft preview piece, I learned that Barnhart is by leaps and bounds the most productive HS catcher drafted in the past decade. Way to beat those odds, T-Barn.

Game time:

12:10 PM PT. Local time is 1:10 PM, as Arizona is still an hour ahead of Seattle time until March 8th or whatever day Daylight Savings is, as those mavericks down there don’t observe it.

Broadcast info:

Like most of the spring training games, this game is not being televised on ROOT, and it’s also not on 710 ESPN, as they’re once again going with the delayed radio feed to be broadcast this evening. Because who wants to hear live baseball when instead you could be treated to the 758th iteration of “the Seahawks should re-sign Jadaveon Clowney”? [NOTE: Do not @ me in the comments, I do not have an informed opinion on this matter, all I know is the past three or four times I’ve flicked on the radio over the past week that’s what I’ve heard.] HOWEVER, if you are lucky enough to have MLB TV, you can watch this game on the Reds broadcast. Thank u, Reds.