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2/23/20: Spring Training Open Game Thread

Spring Training! All aboard! Choooo choooo (I’m very excited and I fear my brain has stopped working)

Seattle Mariners Spring Training Photo by Masterpress/Getty Images

February baseball is already a precarious combination of words. The northern hemisphere’s climate makes the two things seem incompatible if not entirely impossible. This, as I must constantly remind myself, is the main argument for keeping Arizona and Florida around.

Despite the universe’s best efforts yesterday, the Mariners and Rangers appear ready and able to play baseball today. An unfortunate rainout on Saturday makes this the first game action for Seattle since October, while the Rangers have already gotten one practice game in. While the end of this game will surely resemble a video game where you’ve simulated four years into the future, the beginning should feel almost exactly like the real thing. The Mariners are rolling out a starting lineup that could maybe even be duplicated for Opening Day.


I would advise not reading too much into Braden Bishop starting over Jake Fraley. That is probably nothing more than Scott Servais wanting the right-handed-hitting Bishop to face Texas’ left-handed pitcher. I also would not be surprised if Crawford is the regular two-hitter in the regular season, and would actually be very surprised if White Claw was. Again, this is probably just due to the Rangers’ left-handed starter and Crawford’s .160/.268/.179 line against southpaws last season.

First Pitch: 12:10 p.m. PDT

TV: ROOT Sports Northwest, for out-of-market viewers

Radio: 710 ESPN, MLB At-Bat app