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Lookout Landing Podcast 101: Who are these guys?

The 2020 Seattle Mariners: they exist

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Tampa Bay Rays v Seattle Mariners Photo by Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

0:00-17:15: First question, what goin on? Second question, how do we sneak John into the Mariners’ bullpen? This portends what is, no joke, probably the most in-depth discussion on the Mariners’ bullpen that anyone has had in months. Small steps, mankind, things of that nature…Read more about Yoshihisa Hirano from this titan of online reporting.

17:20-20:40: Please, Mariners, please, at the very least, give us some fun. Maybe that means Zac Grotz break dancing on the mound.

Goodbye to Reggie McClain. We hardly knew ye. Hello to Yoshihisa Hirano, who is wearing a single digit number.

20:45-35:35: What will the outfield look like as Mitch Haniger remains shelved? Do the Mariners have a third straight Opening Day upset in store? Matthew proposes a revolutionary approach to lineup management. John mentions one of the utility men that Seattle has run through the Dylan Moore-Shawn O’Malley car wash in hopes that some of their stuff seeps in. Allow us to introduce you to José “El Loco” Siri. What do we expect from Nick Margevicius?

35:40-48:55: Where does the Mariners’ shipwreck end up? A top-five draft pick would be nice, but so would having working eyesight by the end of the season, and those things are working directly against each other. Kate and John talk about getting mad online because of prospect rankings. Which young buck do we expect to get their antlers?

49:00-1:02:44: Do we get any fun comedy this season? Does the Mariners Quad-A squad make it out of Minute Maid alive? It’s not the Lookout Landing podcast without someone pulling up from 35 feet with a vocal impression. Kate talks a long, hard look at Scott Servais and we debate the morality of hacking other SB Nation team sites.

Music: “Pretty Ugly” by Tierra Whack // “Your Dog” by Soccer Mommy

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