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Sporcle Friday: Pitchers since integration to lead the AL in strikeouts multiple times

Not just one, but TWO left-handed Mariners!

Sports Contributor Archive 2018

Since Major League Baseball integrated in 1947, there have been 15 different pitchers to lead the American League in strikeouts multiple times. The king of the mountain is a divisional foe whose career cocks back to the pre-Mariners American League and finished in the ‘90s. Two Mariners made the list, with a trade for each other wedged in the middle.

In making this quiz I was reminded of how pitching-rich Cleveland has been for the last 75 years, how Floyd Bannister led the American League in strikeouts more times (one) than Félix Hernández (zero), and how infrequently people struck out in the ‘50s and ‘60s.

While this quiz asks you to reel off the guys who have been multiple time winners of the strikeout belt, there are some gems among the one-time winners too. My personal favorites are Estaban Loaiza in 2003 and Scott Kazmir in 2007.

To help you out with some of the old timers, one of them has a name that’s synonymous with picking up weed, and another’s name is something that happens when the Seahawks play well in a 10:00 a.m. game.