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Lookout Landing Podcast 140: The Ballpark Food Draft

We’re drafting the food at T-Mobile Park! Where do the garlic fries get picked? Does this spell the end for peanuts and Cracker Jack, or are we just coastal elites who are out of touch with the modern baseball fan?

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Oakland Athletics v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

0:00-10:45: Surprise! Things actually happened! We are forced to start with a Chris Flexen sesh. If you’d like to read more about Flexen, our own Michael Ajeto has you covered. We also try to figure out why Mariners Twitter seems to be so obsessed with signing Garrett Richards. Where does this utterly whelming transaction leave the Mariners in the AL West picture, at least in December?

10:50-25:15: Pour one out for the minor leagues, especially our homies in West Virginia. Kate schools us on the history of the Clinton LumberKings, a former Mariners affiliate who unfortunately were a casualty of these latest cuts. John also uses the word “hooey” during this part. In all seriousness, it’s a huge bummer to be losing some of these teams. However, as Lookout Landin often does, we attempt to find the bright side. A listener question then gives us an excuse to talk about this Zac Grotz video again.

26:15-38:15: We’re doing a draft, which is certainly not an original podcast idea, but it is a fun one! The draft topic is: ballpark food at T-Mobile Park. In a best attempt to replicate the ballpark experience for y’all, each of us draft four food items from the stadium that are near and dear to our heart. John goes first and takes a designated hitter’s delicacy. The reasoning? An anti-soggy agenda. Matthew’s first pick is named after a player who’s no longer on the team, which could spell trouble. Kate grabs a bougie item that is inaccessible to the greater public.

38:20-55:35: As a veteran of the chicken wars, Kate knows her way around poultry. Her pick to kick off the second round is perhaps the best value pick of the whole draft, and it derails Matthew’s entire operation. A divisive fan favorite – albeit a lightning rod for criticism – immediately follows.

55:40-1:17:48: After some sweets and an American classic are chosen, the fourth round begins with another hefty sandwich. Matthew’s final pick is sure to send a chill down some of your spines. We bring it back to alternative nachos at the Mr. Irrelevant spot. If you’d like to hear someone who actually knows what they’re talking about, check out our recent episode with Seattle chef Eric Rivera.

Tell us who you think had the best draft, as well as your favorite items that we left on the board!

Music: “Thinning” by Snail Mail // “88” by The Cool Kids

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