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Lookout Landing Podcast 136: What should the Mariners do this offseason?

Will they make a splash in the international market? How many relievers will they add? Who would you trade for Frankie Lindor?

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Boston Red Sox v Seattle Mariners Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

0:00-23:00: First, a much-needed mental health check. Then, Matthew introduces Kate and Mikey who are here to bat ideas back and forth about the Mariners’ offseason plans. Who is everyone’s GUY, aka the player they want above all else? Do we think they’ll go old or young? Is this the part when they finally spend money? Is another international signing on the horizon? Are a pair of once-great pitchers cooked for good? If you wanted to hear the words chaos Muppet, you came to the right place.

23:05-33:30: Throwing out some starting pitcher free agents and seeing if there’s any interest from the room. We land on a resounding no when it comes to a certain player who loves to start problems on Twitter. What does your heart sound like when you hear the phrase “James Paxton reunion”? Mikey and Kate get into an argument about Dan Wilson and then pitch an idea for a new statue outside the stadium.

33:35-52:45: Let’s talk relievers, famously a very exciting group! Would you rather go for quality or quantity at the bullpen grocery store? Who are some hard-throwing, wild thing-types that Seattle could target? Thankfully, there are a few who wear their hats in a crooked manner, which is a lovable baseball archetype. How do the Mariners current crop of relievers fit into this plan?

52:50-1:09:39: Is there any hope at all for the Mariners landing Francisco Lindor in a trade? What would that package even look like? Tell us in the comments what your offer to Cleveland would look like! The show takes a drastic turn at the end when Mikey learns about the Royals’ weird stance on pornography and Kate is overserved by 14 Hands.

Music: “You Worry Me” by Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats // “River Deep Mountain High” by Tina Turner

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