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Sporcle Friday: AL Gold Glove Winners at SS

this list is absolutely dominated by one man

Seattle Mariners v Oakland Athletics Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

This week, Mariners’ shortstop J.P. Crawford received his first of (hopefully) many Gold Gloves. By winning the award, Crawford became the first Mariner shortstop since 1993 to win a Gold Glove. In the time between then and now, ten different AL shortstops took home an oversized Rawlings mitt cased in gold.

As you will find out shortly, the first part of the list is just one guy’s name over and over. There are also a few dudes who seem to have won just because they were popular and handsome. I will use the rest of this space to complain about the fact that Brendan Ryan and Jack Wilson never got a Gold Glove in Seattle, and also wonder aloud what the hell José Iglesias did to get snubbed like this.