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Mariners Moose Tracks, 11/22/20: changing minor league structures; Rule 5 adds; happy belated birthday, Griffey

Sunday and sausage links

Seattle Mariners v Baltimore Orioles Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Getty Images

Good Sunday morning to everyone. Yesterday I hung Christmas lights, which is the absolute earliest I’ve ever done it, but a prominent house in my neighborhood did it on Friday and when I went out to pick up dinner, I noticed that most people had put up their lights as well. We were all just waiting for that first domino to fall, it seems. I guess we needed a little extra light this year. On to the light of the links!

In Mariners news:

  • In case you missed it yesterday: the Mariners’ minor league affiliation structure is changing.
  • Also, a belated happy birthday to the Kid! Staff writer Tim celebrated by slapping this sweet-ass decal on his truck:

Dee Gordon also paid tribute to his pal Griffey, with this very Correct Take:

In LIDOM news:

There was only one game yesterday, Escogido (Julio Rodríguez, Luis Liberato) vs. the Águilas (Yohan Ramírez), with the Águilas winning 2-0. Ramírez pitched an inning and while he gave up a double, he ended the inning without damage and, more importantly, didn’t walk anyone. Liberato and Julio each went 0-for in the loss, but when Julio is around, things are always fun.

In more somber LICEY news, the Tigres del Licey, who had to cancel their game after a COVID outbreak on the team, posted only this today, a sobering reminder that This Is Not Over:

Around the league:

  • Per Alex Speier at The Boston Globe, this season there’s been some unblocking of the bottleneck that has been partially responsible for keeping minority candidates on the outside looking in at baseball coaching jobs. I’ll wait for the TIDES report before declaring things are moving in the right direction, personally.
  • I never knew my great-grandmother, but apparently when someone did something that deeply offended or displeased her, she was prone to harrumph, “they shot Lincoln, and let that live.” Anyway, no idea why that particular anecdote popped into my head just now.