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FanPost Friday: An alternate Mariners history with Kim Ng

What if the Mariners had hired Ng in 2008 instead of Jack Zduriencik?

Baseball - Spring Training - Red Sox vs. Dodgers
wow RIP Tommy Lasorda’s arms, i guess?
Photo by Larry Goren/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

The big news broke this morning that the Miami Marlins made history by hiring the sport’s first woman General Manager. In my personal opinion, this kicks ass!

After soaking in how phenomenal this is for baseball and for greater diversity in hiring practices for front offices, my second thought concerned that old pipe dream from 2008, when the Mariners had considered Ng for GM before giving the job to Jack Zduriencik. While Zduriencik had his wins and wise moves during his 6 years with the team, he also had far more misses, ruined the farm system, and fostered an awful development culture that permeated every level of the organization. His mistakes have taken years to clean up and some persist to this day.

So, my question to you is, could Kim Ng have done better? What kinds of moves do you think she would have made? Would she still be the GM right now?

Prompt: Write an alternate history of some kind where the Mariners hired Kim Ng instead of Jack Zduriencik

Submit your fan fiction as a FanPost and we’ll front page the best ones over the weekend. Or just sound off in the comments. The choice is yours!